Welcome to Chamber of Chandigarh Industries

Chamber of Chandigarh Industries, over a period of time, has grown multifold to become one of the biggest industrial association in Chandigarh, with a wide range of companies as it members. It was the need of the hour as a need of a joint forum has been felt by all people associated with Chamber of Chandigarh Industries so that they can represent their needs to various government and non government authorities for improvements.

The basic objective of the Chamber of Chandigarh Industries  is to have a structured growth of infrastructure, security and facilities for its member companies and their employees. Chamber of Chandigarh Industries, along with addressing common concern of its stakeholders, also represents itself in other organizations and Government Agencies.  (More Info)

Message of President, Naveen Manglani

Naveen Manglani

Dear Members,

As the Bard rightly said: “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”. I take charge of the reins of the Chamber of Chandigarh Industries with this phrase firmly fixed in my mind.

I am humbled by the honour bestowed upon me by the Executive Committee and the Collegium of Past Presidents, having reposed their faith in me and my team to take the Chamber forward for the coming year.
The year that has gone by under the stewardship of Past President and my dear friend, Sh Vinod Mittal & his team has raised the bar to new levels. I am hopeful that my team and I would meet your expectations and be able to put forth our concerns & requirements to the administration and resolve the pending issues apart from giving you a year full of fun, camaraderie and bonding.

We are entering a momentous year as the Chamber achieves a milestone & enters the 25th year of its inception. We plan to celebrate this year not only by undertaking various activities to promote bonding & fellowship and celebrate the journey of 25 years but also plan to reinforce & introduce various CSR activities thereby giving the members a credible option to fulfill their social commitments. Our focus this year is going to be on resolving the long pending issues of transfer of property rights at the right rates & valuation, streamlining the building violation & building bye laws and Implementation of the MSME Act in true spirit. We are hopeful that the responsive & Industry friendly administration shall definitely look into our genuine grievances and help resolve them for the benefit of Industry in Chandigarh.

As an organization, we have much to be proud of and our achievements over the last few years bear testament of that. We all know that Chamber is an association unrivaled in the country, known not only for its activities but also for the feeling of brotherhood the members have for each other. It is this feeling that makes our Chamber stand out among other Industry associations, and it is this very feeling that we will try to reinforce in the year to come. We would like to reach out to each and every one of you and request that you send in your comments and suggestions throughout the year, so that we could continually strive to improve. Your active participation would go a long way in enthusing us to perform better. I am aware that not all of us are able to be physically present to help and advise, but as Milton said – “They also serve who only stand and wait”.

We look forward to interacting with you and to your support, as we attempt to take the Chamber to new heights.

For & on Behalf of 25th Executive Committee
Chamber of Chandigarh Industries

Message – General Secretary & Chairman Website, Sanjeev Gupta

Sanjeev GuptaThe objective of this website is to create a global network of our member industries. We have fashioned the CCI website so that it becomes a virtual one-stop shop on all information pertaining to the Chamber, its role and activities and also some relevant information on our area of operations. I am thankful to the Executive Committee for giving me this responsibility and to all the members for having made it possible for me to develop the website. Your valuable suggestions to improve it is always welcome.